Varnished Trend Report: Textured Nails

The Caviar Manicure

I’ll be honest, I never posted the caviar manicure before, because I just don’t like it (lol). I can imagine the beads getting caught in my hair or popping off- the look is just not for me. Ciaté made this look famous with their Caviar Manicure kit. I am also a little suspicious of their decision to name the black manicure “Ghetto Fabulous.”

Anyhoo, Here’s how to achieve the look:

-With a sticky base coat of the enclosed luxurious Paint Pot, gently sprinkle your polish with Caviar Pearls and seal in the manicure across the free edge with a gleaming top coat to create a truly unique and decadent finish.
-The kit includes a miniature funnel and tray allowing you to create the beaded look with minimal mess.
-Take your pick of three lavish shades, put on your big shades and prepare to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

The Velvet Manicure

The same company that made the caviar manicure popular, Ciaté is back with another funky look: the Velvet Manicure.  This velvet manicure look is intriguing- “crushed velvet sprinkles” are actually applied to the nail for a textured matte look. I don’t know if I’m a fan of this look either, the nails look kind of muppet-like to me.

Here’s an example of a real-life application:

Here’s how to apply:

Suggested Usage:
-Once your first coat of Paint Pot color has dried, work on one nail at a time to apply a generous sprinkle of crushed velvet to each wet nail.
– Capture excess velvet with the handy tray and using your chic Little Black Brush gently sweep each nail clean.
-Velvety nails needn’t be messy; collect unused precious crushed velvet into the tray and pour back into the bottle.
-The unique velvet finish means no need for a top coat.

Matte & Glossy

This trend combines matte and gloss all in the same look.  There’s a variety of ways to achieve the look. You can start with a matte base and paint over it with a regular nail polish or start glossy and paint over it with a matte polish or top coat. Check out some of my favorite ways to wear the trend above.


– Use tape or nail stamps to create cool designs.
– To achieve the “glossy french”, paint nails with a matte nail polish (or a regular polish then a matte top coat). Wait for it to dry. Then paint tips with a glossy top coat, or a glossy polish.
– Apply metallic tips then paint over with a  matte polish leaving behind a half moon or upside down moon at the base (see first example).

What do you think of textured manicures? Would you try any of these?


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