Sex and the City 2: Samantha Nail’d It!

So me and my bestie Dana went to see the girliest movie of the year Sex and the City 2. It was cute, I’m not a die hard SATC fan, but I was amused and entertained. Me and Dane had a ROUGH day and SATC really raised our spirits.

Everyone knows that SATC is all about the fashion, the hair, the glitz, the glam, the SEX! And I must say Samantha Jones really out did herself in this movie. Not only were her antics outrageous, but her NAILS…- I CAN’T! She had MINX, RHINESTONES, GLITTER, GOLD, THE WORKS!! I wish I can get some photos from the movie, but the one above is the only one I can find… and it doesn’t even represent the fabolousity that IS Ms. Jones’ nails…!

If you are nail obsessed like I am, this is your movie, lol!

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  • Dana

    Yes, she totally nailed it!!!!