Varnished Music Presents: Bad Romance

Lady Gaga- Bad Romance

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love uv uh uh uv (watch the video, you’ll get it), LADY GAGA! I think that the woman is off her rocker, and if she’s not, she sure is a good actress. Her styling in this video is absolutely HAUTE! You know the video captured me from the opening shot of her nails, which were black with gold mesh appliqué!  Her nails were designed by celebrity nail designer Kim Kyees, and here’s what she had to say about the Gaga’s nails on her Twitter

Just saw a 30 second clip of lady gag’s video I did, she’s wearing OPI’s alpine snow Matte & China Glaze liquid leather w/ gold mesh

Here’s some screen caps:


As far as the clothing, it seems like her outfits from the MTV awards have come to life. Plus Gaga, recently did a photoshoot celebrating Hello Kitty’s anniversary, and she sported creepy anime eyes, which she seems to revisit in Bad Romance. And she brought back the orbiting orb from her SNL performances. Gotta love this girl!

How do you feel about Lady Gaga? Style maven? Crazy, Deranged?

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    I really love Lady Gaga’s style. She is so unique and fashionable. And I really love her songs!